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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name N,N-Dimethylhistamine
Formula C7H13N3
Mw 139.11094744
CAS RN 673-46-1
C_ID C00051905
InChICode InChI=1S/C7H13N3/c1-10(2)4-3-7-5-8-6-9-7/h5-6H,3-4H2,1-2H3,(H,8,9)
SMILES c1[nH]cc(n1)CCN(C)C
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
FungiCoprinaceaeCoprinus comatus Ref.
PlantaeCactaceaeEchinocereus blanckii Ref.
PlantaeCactaceaeEchinocereus triglochidiatus Ref.
PlantaeRutaceaeCasimiroa edulis Ref.
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OrganismCasimiroa edulis
ReferenceL.Maat et al.,The Imidazole Alkaloids in The Alkaloid Chemistry and Pharmacology, ,Brossi A (ed),22,(1984)