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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name Semilicoisoflavone B
Formula C20H16O6
Mw 352.09468824
CAS RN 129280-33-7
C_ID C00009880 ,
InChICode InChI=1S/C20H16O6/c1-20(2)4-3-10-5-11(6-15(23)19(10)26-20)13-9-25-16-8-12(21)7-14(22)17(16)18(13)24/h3-9,21-23H,1-2H3
SMILES c1(cc(c2c(c1)occ(c2=O)c1cc2c(c(c1)O)OC(C=C2)(C)C)O)O
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycyrrhiza aspera Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycyrrhiza glabra Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycyrrhiza inflata Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycyrrhiza sp. Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycyrrhiza uralensis Ref.
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OrganismGlycyrrhiza aspera
ReferenceChinese Materia Medica Editing Committee of the National Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Bureau, Chinese Materia Medica (ZHONG HUA BEN CAO), Vol.1-Vol.30, Shanghai Science and technology Press, Shanghai, (1999).

Xing, et al., CCMM, 28, (2003), 593