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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name Pterocarpin
Formula C17H14O5
Mw 298.08412356
CAS RN 524-97-0
C_ID C00009616 ,
InChICode InChI=1S/C17H14O5/c1-18-9-2-3-10-13(4-9)19-7-12-11-5-15-16(21-8-20-15)6-14(11)22-17(10)12/h2-6,12,17H,7-8H2,1H3/t12-,17-/m1/s1
SMILES c1(ccc2c(c1)OC[C@H]1[C@@H]2Oc2c1cc1c(c2)OCO1)OC
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
PlantaeConvolvulaceaeErycibe expansa Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeBaphia nitida Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeOnonis viscosa subsp. breviflora Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePterocarpus indicus Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePterocarpus osun Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePterocarpus santalinus Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePterocarpus spp. Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSophora angustifolia Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSophora subprostrata Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSophora substrata Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSwartzia madagascariensis Ref.
--Onionis viscosa ssp. breviflora Ref.
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OrganismPterocarpus santalinus
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