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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name Rhein
Formula C15H8O6
Mw 284.03208799
CAS RN 478-43-3
C_ID C00002861 ,
InChICode InChI=1S/C15H8O6/c16-9-3-1-2-7-11(9)14(19)12-8(13(7)18)4-6(15(20)21)5-10(12)17/h1-5,16-17H,(H,20,21)
SMILES c1ccc2c(c1O)C(=O)c1c(C2=O)cc(cc1O)C(=O)O
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
PlantaeAsphodelaceaeKniphofia aloides Ref.
PlantaeAsteraceaeHaplopappus baylatum Ref.
PlantaeEphedraceaeEphedra sinica Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia acutifolia Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia alata L. Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia angustifolia Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia mimosoides Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia senna Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeCassia tora Ref.
PlantaeHemerocallidaceaeHemerocallis fulva Ref.
PlantaeHemerocallidaceaeHemerocallis thunbergii Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeMuehlenbeckia hastulata Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeMuehlenbeckia tamnifolia Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaePolygonum cuspidatum Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaePolygonum multiflorum Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRheum emodi Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRheum officinale Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRheum palmatum Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRheum spp. Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRheum tanguticum Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex acetosa Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex acetosella Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex confertus Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex crispus Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex hydrolapathum Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex nepalensis Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex obtusifolius Ref.
PlantaePolygonaceaeRumex spp. Ref.
PlantaeRutaceaeRuta graveolens Ref.
PlantaeScrophulariaceaeScrophularia nodosa Ref.
--Hemerocallus minor Ref.
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OrganismHemerocallis fulva
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