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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name Cinnamaldehyde
Formula C9H8O
Mw 132.05751488
CAS RN 104-55-2
C_ID C00002725 ,
InChICode InChI=1S/C9H8O/c10-8-4-7-9-5-2-1-3-6-9/h1-8H/b7-4+
SMILES c1cccc(c1)/C=C/C=O
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
PlantaeAmaryllidaceaeNarcissus spp. Ref.
PlantaeAquifoliaceaeIlex paraguariensis Ref.
PlantaeBurseraceaeCommiphora myrrha Ref.
PlantaeBurseraceaeCommiphora spp. Ref.
PlantaeCaricaceaeCarica papaya Ref.
PlantaeCrassulaceaeRhodiola rosea L. Ref.
PlantaeCruciferaeArabidopsis thaliana Ref.
PlantaeHyacinthaceaeHyacinthus spp. Ref.
PlantaeLabiataeLavandula spp. Ref.
PlantaeLabiataePogostemon cablin Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaeCinnamomum aromaticum Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaeCinnamomum cassia Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaeCinnamomum japonicum Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaeCinnamomum tamala Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaeCinnamomum zeylanicum Ref.
PlantaeSolanaceaeNicotiana tabacum Ref.
PlantaeZingiberaceaeCurcuma longa Ref.
--Ulva pertusa Ref.
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OrganismUlva pertusa
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