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Metabolite InformationStructural formula
Name Benzoic acid
Formula C7H6O2
Mw 122.03677944
CAS RN 65-85-0
C_ID C00000207 ,
InChICode InChI=1S/C7H6O2/c8-7(9)6-4-2-1-3-5-6/h1-5H,(H,8,9)
SMILES c1ccccc1C(=O)O
Start Substs in Alk. Biosynthesis (Prediction)
Kingdom Family Species Reference
AnimaliaHominidaeHomo sapiens (Exhaled breath) Ref.
AnimaliaHominidaeHomo sapiens (Feces) Ref.
BacteriaEnterobacteriaceaeEscherichia coli Ref.
FungiIncertae sedisPhoma medicaginis Ref.
PlantaeAnacardiaceaeMangifera indica Ref.
PlantaeAnnonaceaeUvaria angolensis Ref.
PlantaeAnnonaceaeUvaria mocali Ref.
PlantaeApocynaceaeCatharanthus roseus Ref.
PlantaeAraceaeLemna paucicostata Ref.
PlantaeAsteraceaeGynura segetum Ref.
PlantaeAsteraceaeHelianthus annuus Ref.
PlantaeAsteraceaeRhaponticum carthamoides Ref.
PlantaeAsteraceaeTaraxacum formosanum Ref.
PlantaeBegoniaceaeBegonia nantoensis Ref.
PlantaeBoraginaceaeOnosma hispida Ref.
PlantaeCaricaceaeCarica papaya Ref.
PlantaeCelastraceaeTripterygium wilfordii Ref.
PlantaeChenopodiaceaeSpinacia oleracea Ref.
PlantaeColchicaceaeBurchardia multiflora Ref.
PlantaeConvallariaceaeTupistra chinensis Ref.
PlantaeCruciferaeArabidopsis thaliana Ref.
PlantaeCruciferaeBrassica hirta Ref.
PlantaeCruciferaeBrassica oleracea var. gongylodes Ref.
PlantaeCruciferaeIsatis indigotica Ref.
PlantaeCucurbitaceaeMomordica charantia Ref.
PlantaeCupressaceaeChamaecyparis formosensis Ref.
PlantaeDennstaedtiaceaePteridium aquilinum Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeDalbergia cochinchinensis Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeDalbergia spruceana Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeGlycine max Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeLupinus albus Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePhaseolus vulgaris Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaePisum sativum Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSenna obtusifolia Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeSophora flavescens Ref.
PlantaeFabaceaeTrifolium incarnatum Ref.
PlantaeFlacourtiaceaeHomalium cochinchinensis Ref.
PlantaeIridaceaeCrocus sativus Ref.
PlantaeLauraceaePersea americana Ref.
PlantaeLythraceaePunica granatum Ref.
PlantaeMalvaceaeAbutilon indicum Ref.
PlantaeMalvaceaeHibiscus taiwanensis Ref.
PlantaeOleaceaeNyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn. Ref.
PlantaeOxalidaceaeAverrhoa carambola Ref.
PlantaePaeoniaceaePaeonia albiflora Ref.
PlantaePaeoniaceaePaeonia hybrida Ref.
PlantaePaeoniaceaePaeonia lactiflora Ref.
PlantaePaeoniaceaePaeonia peregrina Ref.
PlantaePaeoniaceaePaeonia suffruticosa Ref.
PlantaePalmaeDaemonorops draco Ref.
PlantaePhytolaccaceaePetiveria alliacea Ref.
PlantaePinaceaePicea abies Ref.
PlantaePlantaginaceaePlantago lanceolata Ref.
PlantaePoaceaeTriticum aestivum Ref.
PlantaePosidoniaceaePosidonia oceanica Ref.
PlantaeRosaceaePrunus avium Ref.
PlantaeRosaceaePygeum africanum Ref.
PlantaeRubiaceaeCoffea arabica Ref.
PlantaeRutaceaeCitrus sinensis Ref.
PlantaeRutaceaeMurraya paniculata Ref.
PlantaeRutaceaePhellodendron japonicum MAXIM Ref.
PlantaeSolanaceaeNicotiana tabacum Ref.
PlantaeSolanaceaeSolanum lycopersicum Ref.
PlantaeTaxaceaeTaxus baccata Ref.
PlantaeTurneraceaeTurnera ulmifolia Ref.
PlantaeZygophyllaceaeTribulus terrestris Ref.
--Bergera koenegii Ref.
--Caffea sp. Ref.
--Homaliam cochinchinensis Ref.
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OrganismHomaliam cochinchinensis
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