INPUT WORD = [ Match Type : Exact , C_ID : C00046784 ]

C_ID Metabolite Name Activity Category Biological Activity (Function) Target Species Reference
C00046784IsopreneBiomarkerCancers (Lung cancer)Poli et al.,Respiratory Research,6,(2005),71
C00046784IsopreneBiomarkerCancers (Malignant head and neck tumors)Schmutzhard et al.,Head Neck,30,(2008),743
C00046784IsopreneBiomarkerFemale-specific diseases (Breast cancer)Phillips et al.,J. Breath Res.,4,(2010),026003
C00046784IsopreneBiomarkerRespiratory diseases (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)HumanPhillips et al.,Metabolites,4,(2014),300-318
Number of matched data : DB match=4

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