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C_ID Metabolite Name Activity Category Biological Activity (Function) Target Species Reference
C00002756Melilotic acidAntiulcerogenicAntiulcerativeYin, et al., Modern Study of Chinese Drugs and Clinical Applications (1), Xueyuan Press, Beijing, (1993).
Edited by Jiangsu New Medicinal College, Chinese Medicine Dictionary, Shanghai Science and technology Press, Shanghai, (1979).
Sun, et al., Brief Handbook of Natural Active Compounds, Medicinal Science and Technology Press of China, Beijing, (1998).
Venkataramaiah, et al., Chem Abstr, 101, (1984), 147959g.
Tanaka, et al., Planta Med, 35, (1989), 245.
C00002756Melilotic acidAntiulcerogenicanti-ulcerogenic activityHarborne,Phytochemical Dictionary Second Edition,Taylor and Francis,(1999),Chapter42
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