People's Republic of Bangladesh

INPUT DATA : Catharanthus roseus

Number of matched data : 2 / Number of edible data : 0 / Number of medicinal data : 2
Species NameUpperClassification
(Region ; Classification)
FamilyNameCommonName Purpose大分類(部位 ; 分類)科名一般名Reference
Catharanthus roseus
plantsApocynaceaeMadagascar periwinkle
Rosy periwinkle
Cayenne jasmine
Rahmatullah,American-Eurasian J.Sustainable Agric.,3,(2009),881
Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don
plantsApocynaceaemedicinal植物キョウチクトウ科Thakur,Veshaj Udvid o Lolaj Babohar (Medicinal Plants & Their Usage,Abosar, Dhaka),Vol I,(2006)
Abani,(2003),Medicinal Plants & Their Uses(1)Published(2003) by ABOSARBangladesh). ISBN 984-415-196-1
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