Western Sahara

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Number of matched data : 3 / Number of edible data : 2 / Number of medicinal data : 1
Species NameUpperClassification
(Region ; Classification)
FamilyNameCommonName Purpose大分類(部位 ; 分類)科名一般名Reference
Phoenix dactylifera
plants(sap from inflorescence stalk,male inflorescence : palm sugar,delicacy)ArecaceaeDate Palm edible植物ヤシ科 ナツメヤシ,デーツJ. Haynes, J. McLaughlin, Fact Sheet MDCE-00-50-1, Institute of Food and Agricultural Science, Edible palms and their uses, (2000)
Solanum lycopersicum
plantsSolanaceaetomato edible植物ナス科 トマト,アカナス,チェリートマト,ミニトマト,プチトマトUSDA, freshfruits and vegetables (2012)
Thymus fontanesii
plantsLamiaceae medicinal植物シソ科 Ghannadi,Z.Naturforsch,59c,(2004),187
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